(Established since 1959)


The Metropolitan Chess Club Library started in 1997 from a collection books donated by Arved Wasser. It is for the benefit of Metropolitan Chess Club Members and has an extensive range of books and magazines available.

A listing of the various categories of books and magazines in the library is available for view (in .doc format) if you click on the link below the Library rules.

Rules for Borrowing Books

1. Members may borrow up to 3 books at a time for an initial period of 4 weeks.

2. Members may request from the librarian that the loan period be extended for a further 4 weeks. (This will usually be granted unless another member has requested the book)

3. Members may request any book in the collection from the librarian.

4. A fee of $1 per book will be charged for each 4 week period. For magazines the fee is 20c.

5. All fees collected are used to purchase additional items for members to borrow. The collection of fees is subject to scrutiny by the Treasurer and the Club's Auditor.

6. Members will be responsible for maintaining the books that they borrow in a good condition.

To reserve or borrow any books please get in touch with the Club Librarian:

Joshua Williams       email:

Metro Library Book Listing - May 2021