(Established since 1959)

The biennial Australian Open Championships is one of Australia's premier chess events. This event will be run by the Chess Association of Western Australia, on behalf of the Australian Chess Federation from the 2nd to the 10th January 2023.

The 2023 Australian Open will be a GM norm tournament, the first event in this category to be held on Australian shores since 2020. It will be an 11 round Swiss, open to all players regardless of rating.

The 2023 Australian Minor is another 11 round Swiss tournament, running parallel to the Australian Open. The Minor is restricted to players rated below 1500 FIDE (or 1600 ACF, for players without a FIDE rating).

The event will take place in the beautiful Rendezvous Hotel Perth Scarborough. Players will be able to enjoy Scarborough's perfect beach, art projects, outdoor heated swimming pool, children's playgrounds, laid-back cafes, and a wide range of restaurants and vibrant bars along the beachside. There will also be some of the best chess that you will find anywhere. It has the makings of a memorable tournament.

Answers to a range of initial questions regarding the tournament can be found in the promotional flyer: 2023 Australian Open Flyer

For further information, you might also visit the official website:

If you have any queries, please get in touch with the 2023 Australian Open Chief Organiser:

Andrew Hardegen     email:     Phone: (+61) 407 421 084

Club Information

Drabble House behind Nedlands Public Library

Thursday at 7:30 PM

David Barry (Secretary)    email:

The Metropolitan Chess Club is one of the Senior Chess Clubs in Western Australia, with over 40 members. The playing strength of members range from State Champions to adult beginners and juniors.

Naturally, the Metro Club is affiliated with the CAWA (Chess Association of Western Australia) which in turn is affiliated with the ACF (Australian Chess Federation). Club members must therefore be financial members of the CAWA to enjoy the benefit of participating in Australian rated tournaments held at the club.

Many members support the club through representation in the Harris/Edwardes Trophy Inter-Club competition. The Metro Club has won the Premier Division on many occasions since the competition began in 1958.

Our members are also keen to play in the WA Grand Prix events that are organised by the CAWA over selected weekends.

Annual Subscription:
Adults: $155.00    Concessions: $140.00    Juniors (under 18): $120.00
2022/23 Membership Form

Club Activities:
Varied chess tournaments, chess instruction/lectures, Inter-Club competition, social chess.

Provisions Include:
Chess boards and pieces, chess clocks, score sheets, excellent library, tea, coffee & biscuits, vehicle parking.

Other Attractions:
Central location, good club rooms, good range of player strength.

Latest News

2022 Respini Tournament (25/09/22)
The 2022 Metropolitan Respini Tournament has now commenced.
This year's Respini Tournament will be held in 2 sections. 'A' Division will be played as an 8 player round robin. The remaining players will participate in an 8 round Swiss. Time controls for each section is 70 mins + 30 sec increment.

Playing schedule and cross tables for 'A' Division & round draws, current standings and cross table for the Respini Swiss can be found on the Respini Tournament page.

New (25/09): The provisional round 2 draw for the Respini Swiss is now available.

Respini Swiss round 1 game PGN's have been added with 'A' Division round 1 game PGN's to be published shortly.

2022 Spring Allegro Tournament (16/09/22)
The Metro Chess Club's new 7-round Spring Allegro tournament was held on the 8th & 15th of September. Congratulations to the winner: Saminda De Vas.

2022 Richard (Dick) Lilly Swiss Tournament (02/09/22)
The Richard (Dick) Lilly Swiss Tournament has now finished. Congratulations to the winner: Keegan O'Mahoney. Final results and PGN's are now available on the Richard (Dick) Lilly Swiss Tournament page.

Interstate Correspondence Chess Tournament (30/03/22)
The Metro Chess Club has entered a team in the Interstate Correspondence Chess Tournament. The tournament has been running for 6 months and the club is currently in first place based on percentage score of completed games.
The team consists of: Board 1 - Gordon Dunlop (1.0/2), Board 2 - Derek Roebuck (1.5/2), Board 3 - Joe Klimczak (2.0/3), Board 4 - Dylan Gough (4.5/5). The results can be followed with the following link showing overall results. Also individual results can be explored from the link.
If anyone is interested in playing correspondence chess, and has a good computer, then feel free to discuss with Gordon Dunlop how it works. No longer using snail mail although still possible in some tournaments.

Metro Chess Club Lichess Team (17/05/20)
Message from Lichess Tournament Organiser Keegan O'Mahoney:

Please join the new Metro Chess lichess team I've created here:
Rather than having a password, future tournaments will require you to be a member of this team.

Important: Please join as soon as possible. I need to approve you and if you try to join just as a tournament is starting I can't guarantee I'll be online.

Important #2: When you are applying to join, please leave your name in the comment box provided. If I don't know who you are I won't approve you. These are supposed to be friendly tournaments with people we know from the chess club, so staying anonymous isn't really in the spirit of what is intended. If you have any trouble joining just let me know. I think you may have to solve a mate in 1 puzzle to "prove you are human" but otherwise should be quite straightforward. Just please remember to leave your name.

If want more information about playing at Lichess or want to participate in future events, please get in touch with Keegan at: