(Established since 1959)

Player of the Decade

In order to recognise the Club's highest achieving players throughout the life of our Club, performances within each decade have been assessed.

To measure or give value to personal achievement, points were given to each player who won the title of a Club competition. The following points were allocated to each tournament according to its significance:

Three points

Club Championship
Respini Tournament
Metro Open
Two points

Lightning Championship
One point

Fixed Opening Tournament/Arved Wasser Tournament
Lightning Handicap Championship

1959 to 1969

Richard Lilly

Only the Club Championship was played during this decade. Richard Lilly won the Championship on four occasions. We recognise that a commendable achievement was given by Robert (Bob) Pilgrim and Steve Jones who won two Club Championship titles each.

1970 to 1979

Michael Partis

Five tournaments (not the Metro Open) were run during this period. Mike Partis won the Club Championship, Respini and Lightning Handicap Championship once each. He also won the Lightning Championship title twice giving a total of 11 points.
Robert Butcher and Robert Di Renzo gave solid performances amassing 10 points each. Robert Butcher won the following titles; Club Championship twice, Lightning once and Fixed Opening twice. Robert Di Renzo won each of the following competitions once; Club Championship, Respini, Lightning, Lightning Handicap and Fixed Opening.

1980 to 1989

Jim Simpson

Two Club Championship wins, three Respini titles, plus three Lightning Championships and one Lightning Handicap event demonstrates Jim Simpson's strength at the Metro Club during the 80's. These titles gave him 22 points.
Craig Kinsman deserves recognition during this time as he won three Club Championships, two Respini titles, and one Lightning Handicap event giving 16 points. Richard Lilly collected 15 points from three wins in the Respini Tournament, one Lightning Championship title, two Lightning Handicap wins and two Fixed Opening titles.

1990 to 1999

Richard Lilly

Another strong performance during this decade was given by Richard Lilly through a win in the Club Championship, four Respini titles, one Lightning, Lightning Handicap and Arved Wasser Tournament. A total of 19 points.
Mike Partis put in a memorable effort by winning the Club Championship three times and the Respini twice. His 17 points also included two victories in the Arved Wasser Tournament. Robert Butcher should also be remembered in this decade for a win in the Club Championship, two Respini titles and one Lightning Championship giving him 11 points.

2000 to 2009

Adam Haasse

This decade saw the introduction of the Metro Open and a significantly increased membership. Although one more competition was added Adam Haasse amassed a huge total of 36 points. He clearly outclassed the field by winning the major competitions nine times. He won the Club Championship three times, Respini twice and the Metro Open four times. Adam was also competent in the short game with four Lightning Championship titles and the Arved Wasser Tournament once.
A commendable achievement was made by Leon Taylor who collected 18 points by winning the Club Championship and Respini once each. He also won the Lightning Championship three times and the Lightning Handicap event five times plus the Arved Wasser on one occasion. Tristan Boyd is also recognised for winning the Club Championship three times and the Respini once giving a total of 12 points.

2010 to 2019

Ihsan Ferozkohi

The early part of this decade was dominated by Yita Choong, winning 6 Club Championships and 5 Respini Tournaments. However, Ihsan Ferozkohi challenged the dominance of Yita by winning the Metro Open 6 times, Respini and Club Championship 3 times each. Ihsan's strength appears to lay in the Swiss events and the short game, winning the Lightning on 5 occasions.
During this decade, no one effectively challenged either of these players.
Ihsan Ferozkohi finished with 56 points and Yita finished with 44 points. Third place getter collected just 6 points. That really does indicate the dominance of Ihsan and Yita.