(Established since 1959)

Best Club Member

In 1998 it was considered worthwhile to recognise the significant effort of voluntary workers in the Metropolitan Chess Club.

Without their continuing work, the Club would not operate effectively. It is through these people that the Club has become the largest chess club in Western Australia. Our membership continues to include some of the State's top chess players.

There have of course been many members who served tirelessly during the Club's existence, being established in 1959. The Metropolitan Chess Club has recognised six of those members by conferring Life Membership on them. The members are Allan Respini (dec.), Robert Pilgrim (dec.), John Butcher (dec.), Vic Smyth (dec.), Dougal McLean & Richard Lilly.

Previous Winners

 1998  Garry Taylor
 1999  Robert Pilgrim
 2000  Kelvin Taylor
 2001  Natalie Taylor
 2002  Robert Pilgrim
 2003  Garry Taylor
 2004  Dougal McLean
 2005  Mike McGregor
 2006  Dieter Benken
 2007  Dougal McLean
 2008  Andrew Arnold
 2009  Robert Pilgrim
 2010  Kelvin Taylor
 2011  Garry Taylor
 2012  Ron Bailye
 2013  David Walker
 2014  Peter Roza
 2015  Evan Yeung
 2016  Alan Kelly
 2017  Gordon Dunlop
 2018  Joe Klimczak
 2019  Mike McGregor
 2020  Norbert Muller & Keegan O'Mahoney
 2021  David Barry
 2022  Gordon Dunlop
 2023  David Barry