2011 Arved Wasser Tournament

For this year, Richard Lilly won the A division with a score of 7.0/7 with Kelvin Taylor 2nd on 4.0/7.
In the B division first place was won by Ben Motu 4.5/7 from Alex DeHeer 3.5/7.

Cross Table

 No Name                  Feder Rtg  1    2    3    4    5    6    7    

 1  Lilly, Richard        WA         3:W  8:W  6:W  2:W  4:W 11:W  7:W
 2  Motu, Ben             WA         5:D 10:W  8:W  1:L  3:W  4:L  6:W
 3  Taylor, Kelvin        WA         1:L  5:W  7:D  9:W  2:L  8:W  4:W
 4  DeHeer, Alex          WA         0:  18:W 11:W  6:W  1:L  2:W  3:L
 5  Jahangirian, Mohammad WA         2:D  3:L 17:+  7:L 14:W  6:D 10:W
 6  McLean, Doug          WA        19:W  9:W  1:L  4:L  7:W  5:D  2:L
 7  Chandler, Jon         TAS        0:  21:W  3:D  5:W  6:L  9:W  1:L
 8  Koch, Lucien          WA        20:W  1:L  2:L 12:L  0:W  3:L 11:W
 9  Taylor, Garry         WA         0:W  6:L 16:W  3:L 12:L  7:L 17:W
 10 Pilgrim, Robert       WA        13:L  2:L 21:W 16:W 11:L  0:W  5:L
 11 McArthur, John        WA         0:  17:W  4:L 15:W 10:W  1:L  8:L
 12 Lintern, Melvyn       WA         0:  16:L 18:W  0:L  9:W  0:L  0:L
 13 Adam, Gavin           WA        10:W  0:L  0:L  0:L  0:L  0:L  0:L
 14 O'Brien, Daniel       WA         0:   0:   0:  17:W  5:L  0:L  0:L
 15 Kelly, Adam           WA         0:   0:   0:  11:L 16:W  0:L  0:L
 16 Zylstra, Peter        WA         0:  12:W  9:L 10:L 15:L  0:L  0:L
 17 Bailye, Ron           WA         0:  11:L  5:- 14:L  0:L 21:W  9:L
 18 Payne, Michael        WA         0:   4:L 12:L  0:L  0:L  0:L  0:L
 19 Michielsen, Sonja     WA         6:L  0:L  0:L  0:L  0:L  0:L  0:L
 20 Lubtschenko, Wally    WA         8:L  0:L  0:L  0:L  0:L  0:L  0:L
 21 White, Alan           WA         0:   7:L 10:L  0:L  0:L 17:L  0:L